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Iowans for Health Liberty: “Speaker Mike Johnson Jeopardizes the Lives of Iowans”

Des Moines, IA – Iowans for Health Liberty today released the following statement on the election of Rep. Mike Johnson to Speaker of the U.S. House.

“Iowans for Health Liberty is deeply disappointed that every member of the Iowa delegation to the U.S. House of Representatives voted to elect Rep. Mike Johnson (R- LA) to the position of Speaker of the House. Rep. Johnson is an extremist who supports a nationwide ban on abortion.  As Speaker of the House, Rep. Johnson will jeopardize the lives of Iowa women and the wellbeing of their families.”

Iowans for Health Liberty is a bipartisan organization founded by a group of female physicians fighting for the reproductive rights and bodily autonomy of all Iowans.

“Reproductive rights are human rights and the relationship between a physician and a patient is sacred.  There is no room in the exam room for the government.”

If you agree, please voice your opinion by contacting your Iowa legislative representatives and consider a donation to Iowans for Health Liberty, a bipartisan political action committee committed to supporting Iowa candidates who believe everyone has the right to make their own healthcare decisions.

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